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Northridge & Santa Clara Labor & Employment Law Attorneys

Roy Legal Group, APC, provides assistance to both employers and employees with labor and employment law matters in Santa Clara, Northridge and throughout Northern California and Southern California. The firm has 15 years of experience working with clients across a range of issues, including discrimination, breach of contract, overtime disputes, Family Medical Leave Act, sexual harassment, unemployment benefits, unlawful termination and more.

The benefits of working with an attorney are significant when dealing with employment law issues. Both individuals and businesses can find themselves in situations where the only options seem like bad options. One side may attempt to take advantage of the other, putting an unfair and destructive burden on the victim. An experienced employment law attorney can provide clarity in these cloudy situations, offering solutions that will protect the client and achieve the best possible outcome.

The employment law attorneys at Roy Legal Group have the knowledge and experience to help clients get the results they need from an employment law case. Employment law and labor law is written to create fairness in the workplace. Issues like discrimination do not have to be merely tolerated. They can be halted through the use of legal action. The attorneys at Roy Legal Group understand employment law in depth, and they have a history of using the law successfully on behalf of their clients.

If you would like to learn more about your legal options under labor and employment law, please contact the Roy Legal Group today. The firm offers a free initial consultation, so you can tell your story and get informed advice on how you should move forward.